I have been a Lexington resident for 23 years now, having spent childhood near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in East Tennessee.   I had a love for beauty as a child, sketching my inspiration with some No.2 pencils.  Those simple days, I think, helped develop a love for capturing light, natural and organic scenes that warm the soul.   My husband bought me my first camera, a Canon Rebel film camera in 1997.  Oh the joy at seeing my first photographs come to life!!  My first shoot was a day at Keeneland in black and white.   I was hooked. 

     I drew horses from some of my photos.  Then I had a child.  I enrolled in the community college's class, aptly titled 'How in the World Do I Use This Thing?' which was the best class I have ever taken to this day(of course, this was before you could earn a Masters watching YouTube videos).  I'll never forget the day someone called me out of the blue and asked if I would do a portrait session of their child .  I said yes.  Then I panicked and headed to the local camera shop and asked what I needed to pull this off, bought the stuff and headed undauntedly to the session.  Thanks to that one session, my business took off by word of mouth and now, 17 years later, here I am, still a growing artist, still in love with photography. 

Other passions include my family (three children, my husband and a variety of pets) , my church and friends, and adventuring near or far.   . Speaking of adventuring, I'd love to talk with you about how I can capture your love for your family, pets, and passions.  Let's go off the beaten path, pause the pace and talk about what matters to you and your family and capture the sweetest loves of your life.   





















Senior photographs are so important because this is a pivotal time in your life.  I love to get to know my subjects and hear your ideas and plans for your session.  If you don't particularly have ideas, that's okay, too!  We can brainstorm together.  Most of all, I strive to capture your personality and make your photoshoot a fun and memorable experience.  I hope you will find most of my work is not contrived or too posey but, instead, natural and engaging. 







**Prints and Products are purchased apart from the session rate.  Your deposit will be applied toward your purchase at your in-person viewing appointment.